So i found out later that my video card (a Geforce 8800GT) was actually sending the sound through the dvi-hdmi cable to the tv. Picture is great no problems there. Problem is I get no sound through this cable, I've tried playing about with output settings on Player menu, but nothing seems to work. I've updated my graphics driver via Nvidia Experience program version 361.43 I've right clicked and went to Nvidia control panel audio tab and my monitor was listed there as audio under HDMI still no sound. Please help. Turn off both devices. Select the Blu-ray / DVD input on your amplifier and see if your sound starts to work correctly. Tv plugged Into Sonos Beam via HDMI arc. Try adjusting the built-in speaker volume on the monitor. Use a port for HDMI only. HDMI monitor no sound? After connecting via bluetooth with the phone, the sound is there. my problem is that when i connect my PC to syncmaster 2333hd monitor via HDMI, there is no audio output from the monitor!!! with HDMI, you must set the audio output of the source to PCM audio. When PC graphic card does not support S/PDIF connection between PC Sound Card, please do this set up: (Only 'HDMI IN 2; jack on the back of the TV supports Audio R/L input) Case 2. 2) Ensure Sound is set to "Speakers/Headphones". I installed it with no problem. It is a compact audio and video interface system of transmitting data digitally. Dear users/team I connected my WD TV Live streamer through HDMI cable to Samsung LED TV. TV is connected to cable via coax connected to samsung blueray via HDMI sound bar is JBL Cinema SB100 TV Technician: Aric , Technician replied 7 years ago Okay, as stated above the cable connected via Coax isn't going to work through the Optical Out. How to connect surround sound using optical cable. Please help Testing through Control Panel->Sound->HDMI->Properties->Advanced I can hear the sound through the TV speakers, however there is no audio on my TV when playing music, DVD's, videos etc. The third solution is to verify if both the computer and TV are having HDMI functionality. The other day, I connected my Acer Aspire R13 running Ubuntu 15.04 with my Samsung TV to watch a movie. Option 2: Connection using an HDMI cable, Coaxial Digital, Optical Digital, or Audio cable. I have a 2 year old Samsung Smart TV, connected to a receiver (thus I can have the TV sound on better speakers etc). Edit: Your Amplifier should have an HDMI input on it for Blu-ray / DVD. C - HDMI INPUT (ARC or eARC/ARC) on the TV; If your TV has no ARC or eARC/ARC label: Connect one end of the HDMI cable (sold separately) to any HDMI IN port on your TV. All the volume controls will be on the monitor, macOs doesn't provide any volume/audio controls for DP or HDMI. 3 Then turn the TV on. All that needs to be done so that the TV starts using the DVI Audio In port is to set/change the name of the HDMI port to "DVI PC" (From the TV remote press Source->choose the so called HDMI/DVI port ->Tools->Edit name and from the list choose "DVI PC". whether the problem is with soundbar or TV, you can connect the Vizio soundbar to another TV. It could be an issue with Protected Media Path. My computer has no video card, so I am using the HDMI off the motherboard. Turn on the computer. Yes indeed, Samsung sucks. Input is through the HDMI input. I hope that this helps you to get rid of the bothersome and countless forced reboots caused when unintentionally starting the original Raspberry Pi image without a live HDMI screen connected. The samsung no such luck. ARC (Audio Return Channel) is a special function of HDMI high-speed certified cables via which the sound can also be sent back to the transmitter. First, both pieces of gear need to be ARC-compatible (that is, the TV and the sound … I have the Cox Contour box connected with an HDMI cable to my Samsung (model # UN55EH6000FXZA) tv HDMI port and am able to get picture but no sound. We see the picture, but there is no sound from the TV, only from the Surface 2 speakers. The TV has no internal speakers (it has a stereo amplifier, but nothing connected), so is really built for this type of setup. Windows 10 - Sound settings Right-click on the speaker icon located in the Windows notification … A better alternative to a TV's internal speakers is to connect the set to an external sound system. Getting the display onto the TV is a snap. Was installed earlier today, tech left and when I went to watch tv, there is a great picture, no sound. Upgraded to the last firmware without problems. 2019-06-23, 1:07 AM. any help wud be very much appreciated. 17,477 satisfied customers. I have a 13" late '11 MBP OS X Lion 10.7.5 I am trying to hook up to my LG HDTV with a Thunderbolt HDMI cable. HDMI audio output is not on by default. 1. Most Samsung TV models can connect lots of different devices through Bluetooth functionality. Your TV should always have it's audio output format set to "PCM" when playing The Fives via HDMI-ARC. After restoring settings of both devices, you can connect them using HDMI cable and make required changes. Perform a power reset on the TV and audio system. RE: HDMI Output only detects 2 channels not 5.1. HDMI is capable of transmitting audio and video over one cable, but that doesn't mean your connected device is. The main difference here is that HDMI mode enables sound through the HDMI connectection, which DVI does not. By Mikkel at April 22, 2016. Hello, I bought the Polk Audio MagniFi Mini set, after connecting the HDMI arc cable to the samsung ue50hu6900s TV, I have no sound in the device, I can ask for help in solving the problem! The option to switch to hdmi sound isn't even there. Select the output device. Both are brand new (3 weeks old). If you can see video but have no audio on your TV, you may have inadvertently turned the speakers off. I don't have any other sound devices, no sound bar or optical/hdmi. Certain devices use HDMI for video and a separate audio cable for audio. No audio via HDMI - HR44 Genie/Samsung 4k Smart TV One morning I turned on my TV (Samsung 4k Smart TV UN65HU8550) and Directv DVR (HR44 Genie) and though the picture came on, there was no sound... On any channel. The … Tried to connect the cable box to another input like dvd or blu ray - no sound. You have two choices: the "DIGITAL (AUDIO OUT OPTICAL)" and "AUDIO OUT" connections on the TV. However, getting the audio from the TV via HDMI (ARC) is not working. I have tried reinstalling the drivers for the audio and that worked once and tried doing it again but it did not work. The sound bar works for my Blue ray and my FireSt: Trying to hook my vizo TV up to a samsung sound bar by using the optic connections. If you have an Android TV™, check the HDMI® signal format in the TV menu settings. My laptop has played video back in the past with no problem. A few things to check. It is because most of the TVs are not able to send the digital sound formats through the output of the optical form. Yesterday I got an Oculus Rift as a present. Unfortunately the only output on the mk808b is HDMI which on my old TV worked like a charm through my AVR. The sound is also pushed through to the TV. Android devices will have USB-C or micro-USB ports, while iPhones will … So 2 ways to do this. Tips for the setup of the HDMI … When my laptop is connected to my TV via HDMI the laptop display shows on the TV but the sound plays though the laptop speakers and not the TV. I've enabled the device audio option in dex, installed smartthings and tried with 3 different hdmi cables and 2 tvs. Usually it is connected through the HDMI Slot. Had to resort to pressing the button at the back. Select the HDMI … How to Troubleshoot No Sound in Samsung LED TV By Stephen Lilley ... Verify that any devices connected via HDMI use a single cable for both audio and video. Tried to wake the mini - but couldn't. The configuration screens in your screen shots are properties for the speakers, not for HDMI audio. Quote: Originally Posted by duc135 /t/1488451/no-sound-from-hdmi-from-receiver-to-tv-speakers-pioneer-vsx-1022#post_23815935 Unless your TV has ARC then you will not be able to get sound from your TV to your receiver via HDMI. Disconnect the power cords and HDMI cables from both devices. A test tone is not output from the speakers. If model-specific information is required to complete each step, check your manual. In the past, my Spectrum DVR and PS4 (both hooked up to the TV through HDMI would play sound no problem - didn’t matter what source I was on- the sound went through the soundbar. Can't get audio to come through on your Samsung TV? I have a Samsung LNA330 32" LCD TV hooked up to a Philips DVD player, DVP5982. I have connected my Surface 2 through the HDMI adaptor to our Visio TV. It will end any hidden settings causing HDMI ARC connectivity issues. 3. 5) ONLY THEN, PLUG IN THE HDMI cable to the laptop. I just purchased the Samsung HW-Q70T 3.1.2 Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and have it connected to a Samsung 7 Series tv via the HDMI ARC ports on both the tv and soundbar. If your TV is also ARC enabled you can connect your Source(s) to the TV (via HDMI) and then use either ARC or Optical from the TV to the Soundbar. I am using HDMI through a Samsung receiver as well. If you have a mouse connected. The set top box connected via HDMI to the TV. The audio, however, is not working. External Hardware. Problems with the hardware connected to your Samsung TV may result in audio failure. For example, if you have connected external speakers to your TV and those speakers malfunction, you may not hear any sound. No sound using TV as monitor with HDMI cable I use my tv as a monitor for my computer and the sound has suddenly stopped working. Mirror for Samsung TV, which also produced a picture with no sound. Hey! PC speakers work. The HDMI cable is in the OUT port of the Yamaha receiver. Which option you use will depend on the connection ports on your products. In the rare cases where the TV's HDMI port is defective and causing audio dropout, it will typically cause video dropout, too. By the way, as long as you disconnect your HDMI cable from your PC, sound will automatically return to your PC’s speakers. So, even though […] i downgraded my graphic card driver but still no luck!! Middle of the window select your TV where it says "Play sound effects through:". Now I had to redo the Oculus Setup 3 times because of Sensor Tracking Problems. 4 Next, turn on the computer to allow it to detect the connection to the TV. hi all. So the model years 2006-2008 for samsung are the only affected models and they are working on upgrades for them. Any suggestions? No problem! Source is the PC , Sink is the monitor or TV. Go to settings, Samsung Dex, select "Set default audio output" This should fix it by default. My problem is that I get the “No Cable Connected” message BUT I do hear the TV show via the receiver’s speakers which means that the TV does get the signal from the set top box. Connecting the audio from headset/line out to Phono IN on the TV did not give any sound - then I read on Samsungs page that I should connect Stereo Audio cable with Jack plug to the TV and then there were sound. I set the sound on the QF6 to use the soundbar but if I pause a show (from one of the built in apps like Netflix or Vudu) for a minute or so, when I restart playback it will revert to the tv speakers. You can right-click on the sound icon at the bottom right panel and select "Display Device". Netflix works and internet radio works on tv as well. However I have no sound at all. I had the same problem: video was coming in the tv through HDMI (TV input HDMI 1) and audio was coming in the tv through analog 3,5 jack (TV input pc/RGB). However, it will still connect through bluetooth. I have my computer hooked up to an HD TV using and HDMI cable. I am connecting to my Samsung LCD TV, also with HDMI. Let … Re: No sound on my TV when using HDMI-DVI. If your television is equipped with this feature, you can access it through the on screen menu, and turn the speakers back on. Follow these steps to get Zoom on your TV: Step 1: Connect the HDMI end to the TV and the other end to your device. As explained above, the port on this other end will depend on the device you bought it for. On this site trying to figure it out. #2. Connecting to another TV. This issue has been known and Motorola and Samsung are working on the fix. All of a sudden my Samsung tv has no sound through HDMI. I have no idea what the hell is wrong with it. Any help is appreciated. There aren't any hdmi connection options other than "stereo" or "surround. " Joe All audio comes out of the S4 speaker...which is not adequate. Learn how to identify the ports on your Mac.. HDMI port: Connects directly to HDMI using an HDMI cable. Check other HDMI ports. The 4th port is labeled ARC. No matter you choose stream DVD to Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, or connect DVD player to HD TV to play DVDs on TV, HDMI is a nice choice for the DVD to TV streaming. So basically, the connections look like this: HTPC/PS3/XBOX360 -> HDMI cable -> TV -> Optical Cable -> AVR We then output the TV’s audio to our 5.1 receiver via HDMI ARC and see whether the receiver receives a 5.1 signal, or if it is downgraded to 2.1. Step 1: check the HDMI signal format in the settings of Android TV. No need to go to the service menu on newer Samsung TVs. There is no sound from the TV via the HDMI TV OUT (ARC) jack when using the Audio Return Channel function. Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Just a few days ago the sound stopped from my Directv Genie without changing anything or doing any updates. The problem is still there even if I connect the ASUS laptop to the TV through USB-C 3.1 connection: video is ok, audio is only available from my ASUS pc (so no issues with the HDMI connector of my ASUS). I've restarted the computer a couple times. I had similair problem on Samsung LE32B450C4WXBT TV, but my laptop were connected through VGA port on laptop and VGA port on TV. Problem resolved, but I had to change my configuration to work how Samsung wants. While macOS shows which device you can connect to and you can select the HDMI device. Re: No Sound through HDMI. Tried to change the hdmi cable - no difference. Most Samsung TVs support the HDMI feature called Audio Return Channel. A while back I got the idea of playing all of my games on my tv and the best ( and only D: ) option was to use my HDMI cable and plug it into my tv. Make watching TV easier and better by connecting and setting up HDMI (ARC). Connect the HDMI cable to HDMI OUT on the soundbar. I have a samsung Ms-650 soundbar connected to a Samsung QF6 QLED via the ARC HDMI Ports. Amazon prime, netflix, even movies that I play on the TV's media player via its USB drive play dolby digital and surround sound. If your TV does support ARC, you have to make sure you are plugging into the HDMI port that has that feature. Obviously the sound bar will need sound going into it so if sound is going in from an optical input there would be no need or point in having a hdmi connected as well. Product: HP Envy All-In-One 27-b145se. I have connected a new Samsung 34 inch monitor to my T460s thinkpad via a HDMI cable to the side port as the docking station has no HDMI connection and no sound comes out of either the laptop or … I tried even another HDMI cable: no success. How can we get the sound on the TV using the Surface 2? If the audio output is set to Bitstream, you will not get any sound. If your PS4 screen goes black when trying to play a disc or game, it … My tv and reciever only have optical output. Thanks. So I've read similar discussions, contacted DirectTV (can't come out for 2 weeks) and I'm really frustrated. Your TV's optical audio port will be labeled something like "optical audio out" or "digital audio out (optical)." I am now running it through component and RCA-kables for the sound, but would of course prefer running HDMI, both for simplicity of cabling. SOLUTION: An old optical cable from my Bose Solo solved the problem. JD10 over 3 years ago. Jul 15, 2018. Things I have tried: Reset TV to factory settings. is there a setting that I need to adjust on either the receiver or the TV … See the user's manual of your audio source for instructions on how to set the audio output to PCM audio. I have had this problem since I bought the laptop in October 2013, when it was running Windows 8, it is now running Windows 10, which has made no … Last week the soundbar stopped connecting to the tv via HDMI or optical. HDMI audio is extremely finicky and seems to usually need a reboot. We have connected another computer running windows 8.1 using the same HDMI connector and everything works fine. In my case, I was also trying to stop the laptop (XPS 15) from muting the sound out of its speakers / headphone port when I plugged in an HDMI cable (the TV I'm going to connect it to is so old, it doesn't have an HDMI input, so I use an HDMI to DVI cable with it, and need the sound separately fed into the TV). Some Samsung TVs let you turn the TV speakers on and off. Everything else plugged into the receiver is working fine. Tried checking and changing audio settings on the cable box itself - nothing changed. I just got my WD TV Live last Thursday. After you have done this, now proceed by turning both appliances on. Why is my Samsung Smart TV sound not working? The thing I'm noticing is in the Sound tab the TV is not an option for Sound Effect, Output, or Input, only internal speakers and aggregate device. … Related: Vizio Sound Bar Bass Too Loud. Use Process of Elimination: If your device is connected to an audio receiver or other intermediary, remove the HDMI connection and plug it directly into the TV.If that works, then the receiver or intermediary device you're using is likely the problem. My problem is that when I connect my Motherboard to my ASUS VS247HR 23.6 Monitor via HDMI, I get display/video output fine but no sound through its speakers. Hey! Besides, a soundbar can greatly increase your sound quality. No sound on TV connected via usb-c to hdmi adapter and s8+. What is HDMI ARC? Turn on the TV and select the HDMI port you are using. Connect the other end of the cable to the HDMI OUT port on your audio device. Dolby Digital or DTS multi-channel sound is not reproduced. Fix #29. Yesterday when I want to play the music video, there are no sound at all, but the picture is OK. 3.

The last stage of advanced troubleshooting is to run the built-in sound diagnostic test in Samsung TV's support menu. Depending on the make a... On the Sony, if your input source is HDMI, there will be no sound at all. 5 Go to Start>Control Panel>Sound>Playback tab. When I try and play DTS audio film from NAS, it plays video but says audio format not supported. I am also able to get sound from the cable box using a coaxial cable. I'm unable to get the Roku supplied optical cable to securely fit into the ports on the TV and Soundbar. Method 4: Connect your Samsung TV to your home theater using Bluetooth. If I connect my laptop to the TV through "connect to a wireless display" everything is fine. Checked Windows update. When PC graphic card supports S/PDIF connection between PC sound card, do either of the following: I also have a HTPC, PS3 and XBOX 360 all connected to the TV via HDMI. My G53 has been back to ASUS here in Melb for repairs twice earlier this year and I have not played video back … Doesn’t matter if I choose Stereo or Digital in the settings. Apparently newer Samsung's don't play DTS audio or allow pass-through either. You should also make your default HDMI audio device, which may have TV names as the default audio device. Next, connect the HDMI cable to both the HDMI-ARC/output of your home theater, and the HDMI port of your TV. Click the sound icon in the notification area, and then click … The WD connect via HDMI to my samsung’s HDMI port no. If I go and adjust settings the sound will come on after a restart but only for a quick second and then it's off again. 2. I have an Asus laptop N550j and I have a samsung smart tv and I have played sound from my old HP laptop and it worked through the same HDMI cable to my tv, but my new Asus does not play through it on my tv. 6) You may need to toggle "Function F8" to get the image on the TV. I have a new Samsung 55" Smart TV and a Bose 3-2-1 sound system. As of today, some video streams are coming through the hdmi cable to the tv speakers, and some will only play through iMac speakers, while the sound setting is set to the TV. No sound external speakers when streaming tv via optical connection to av receiver. The surround effect cannot be obtained. No Audio sound when using HDMI cable. But I get no sound out of my Yamaha speakers. Changed HDMI cable. Since I got my mk808b Android TV stick it's my main source of viewing TV as XBMC/Kodi on it is incredible. There is visual, control (because I'm using a wireless keyboard+mouse combo) and audio lag but that's because I have a pretty long HDMI cable so I don't mind that too much. No picture on the TV when connected to an Audio/Video device using an analog cable Unable to get sound from a TV that is connected using an HDMI cable No sound output from the TV or Blu-ray Disc player even though the TV and the wireless speaker are connected via the HDMI cable. Some TVs have an audio output setting that needs to be properly configured when its sound is played through other speakers. The TV sound settings are definitely set to TV speakers. There is no provision for HDMI from a Source direct to the Soundbar. Step 1: Make sure the connected display / TV does support audio over HDMI. I did unplug it and hold the power button down but it doesn't work. However, I get no sound! Every television no matter the brand comes with an in-built speaker. The two most common connections used to hear TV sound from the A/V receiver or home theater system speakers are: Option 1: HDMI® connection using the ARC feature. TVs that support ARC usually have one HDMI port that is labeled (ARC), make sure that your HDMI cable is connected to this port. Disconnect and reconnect the cable leading to the external device. Through the use of an HDMI cable, it is possible to send an image, sound, video, or other files from a source -- Blu-ray, audio box, DVD, or in this case, your Android device -- to a second display, like a monitor, TV, or projector. Select the middle tab named Output. Is anyone else having this issue? Tthen I connected the Switch to my TV, using the HDMI cable that came with it, and no sound. We have exactly the same problem, starting within the past two weeks. I had it hooked up to my old TV no problem, but I can't figure out how to hook it up to the Samsung. I've tried both, neither work. High School or GED. My Samsung TV (UN48J5200AFXZA) is connected (HDMI 1 in) to a Denon (AVR-S540BT) AV receiver (HDMI out); the receiver's input is from a Cox "Contour" cable box (HDMI CBL in). The Samsung TV has 4 HDMI ports. I have an Samsung UN50M5300 smart tv, sparsely used I wanted to start using it in my bedroom, it doesn’t see the DirecTV box. My TV is a samsung Q6DR TV. To get sound from the TV to play through the speakers connected to the Denon, you'll need to make a separate audio connection from the TV to the Denon. My WiiU also had no sound when connected to my TV through HDMI, though it worked fine with AV cables. Question Problems with Samsung TV QN82Q90RAFXZA, Yamaha RX-V781 7.1.2 setup and Hue Sync Box: Streaming Video & TVs: 3: Oct 29, 2020: Question Samsung BluRay UBD-M9500 problems with Vudu App: Streaming Video & TVs: 2: Apr 15, 2020: B: Solved! Hi all, just connected my G53 up to the TV via HDMI . SOLVED: No audio from Samsung TV through new Roku soundbar. I had only one HDMI cable connected to my TV. I tried connect via component cable and composite cable, both are just fine with audio and picture are OK. At the bottom click “Set as default” to bring it … Problem running TV through Samsung sound bar with LG TV: Streaming Video & TVs: 12: Feb 9, 2020: C Adjust the TV settings to receive HDMI audio if any. Any problem regarding this issue please comment below.Thank you for watching Like and subscribe! To test for DTS 5.1 passthrough via HDMI ARC, we connect a Blu-ray player to our TV via HDMI and play the 5.1 audio test found on the Spears & Munsil Calibration Disc, outputted via DTS 5.1. I have the cable box connected via HDMI cable to the receiver, and an HDMI cable running from the receiver to the TV. Can't for the life of me figure out what's going on. I have a Panasonic Blu Ray player connected throught a HDMI cable to a Toshiba TV. Over the weekend, I decided to sit back and watch some Star Wars movies using the new When the mini came back, I had no sound at all coming through the TV speakers, even though the sound preferences settings were still the same. The most common cause of no sound is accidental use of the television's "Mute" function. Make sure the speaker source switch on the back of the television is switched to "Int" if you are using the television's speakers and "Ext" if using surround sound. If not set properly, you will not hear the television sound. Device Manager Screenshot: 104575 Hardware and Sound: 104576 4) Turn TV onto the appropriate HDMI channel. All drives are up to date. HDMI uses a handshaking routine to set itself up between source and sink. I have a new Samsung 55" Smart TV and a Bose 3-2-1 sound system. To make sure. The three most common methods to allow the television sound be heard through the speakers of a stereo receiver or home theater system are: Option 1: HDMI connection using the Audio Return Channel (ARC) feature (Preferred method) Option 2: Connection using Optical Digital Cable or Coaxial Digital Cable (Digital audio) Option 3: Connection using Audio Cable (Analog audio) Compared to other brandsWell-rounded. Generally, Samsung TVs won't be the very best for a specific usage. ...Very good upscaling. Lower quality content, like broadcast TV or DVDs, is scaled up to the 4k resolution well.Great gaming features. Samsung was the first major TV manufacturer to adopt new gaming technologies, including FreeSync and Game Low Latency Interpolation. Again, picture but no sound. If we plug the HDMI cable into the ARC port, then ARC is working properly. The only purpose of this would be if it were then taking the sound back to the TV then that HDMII input would have no picture to match its sound. Your laptop has only has stereo speakers built-in, and only has a port for connecting external stereo (or 2.1) speakers, so naturally there is no setting for 5.1 speakers. I cant get sound through the hdmi to the tv anymore. Check if another HDMI devices does provide audio on the same HDMI port. Android devices will have USB-C or micro-USB ports, while iPhones will … Connect the power cords to both devices. This problem started two days ago, nothing was changed in the set up. Verify Anynet+ (HDMI CEC) is turned on. 1.

The first thing to try is a standard old-fashioned power cycle. Turn off your Samsung TV and unplug it from the wall. Give it a minute so tha... If one is available, make sure that the setting matches the type of audio connection in use (HDMI ARC or optical) and that the TV speakers are turned off Samsung TV No Sound? Follow these steps to get Zoom on your TV: Step 1: Connect the HDMI end to the TV and the other end to your device. I made sure that ARC is enabled through the settings, and turned the TV speakers off in the audio settings, but I still get no sound. Replace the HDMI cable if the same issue occurs on another TV. When I returned, the TV indicated 'no signal' via the HDMI (I assume because the mini went to sleep.)
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